Terms & Conditions

1. That the granite sold and delivered herein is of a unique and natural composition, and therefore each slab of granite stone may be slightly different from the next, varying slightly in color, pattern, veining, and markings. For this reason, a slab of granite ordered may not be identical to a sample you are shown. This is part of the natural composition of granite, which is composed of varying amounts of different stones, and it is this uniqueness and variation that gives the granite stone its unique and desirable character.

2. That no granite or cabinets purchased herein may be returned if they have been cut, installed, or otherwise altered in any way whatsoever. Returns on any items which have not been cut, installed, or otherwise altered in any way are allowed only if the materials are returned in the exact same condition as when delivered, subject to the discretion and inspection of the supervising manager on site.

3. That there will be a 25% restocking fee for orders which are canceled at any time before delivery.

4. That all items listed herein will be thoroughly inspected by customer at delivery, and that acceptance of delivery herein indicates all items purchased are in good and satisfactory condition.